Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your ROI in 2019

In the modern B2C and B2B environment, a lot of businesses rely on emails as a source of communication? Email is a widely used form of communication in general. In fact, in 2017 over 3.5 million people used email as a source of communication.

With over half the world’s population still involved in sending and receiving emails, you can’t deny that emails aren’t going away anytime soon. So, you can see that it is essential for all business owners and marketers to be aware of email marketing trends that have the potential to boost conversion and traffic in 2019. To get you through, we have compiled a list of things to consider for your next email lead gen campaign.

Email Lead Generation

Generating leads through email marketing isn’t as easy as it was a few years ago. Due to the rise in email spam cases, readers have started to lose their faith in this source of information. Therefore, if you really want to witness a great click-through rate, it’s preferable to focus on targeting only those individuals who are actively engaged with your brand. The main reason behind this is that these engaged people have already shown interest in your brand, that’s why they can be called warm or hot targets.

Avoid sending to random people

Sending emails to random people will only reduce your email deliverability. This can eventually lead to your emails getting marked as spam by ISPs and ending up in the junk/spam folder. Believe me, that’s the last thing you’d wish for. It’s your responsibility to make sure that you don’t irritate your audience in any way, and focus on producing high-quality email content and communication.

Dedicated Landing Pages

Leads are only worth investing resources on if they convert. Make sure that your emails have a call to action (CTA) that directs to a dedicated landing page. With the help of a landing page that is well optimised and has an attractive CTA, you can expect a significant boost in your quality lead generation. In order to make this page compelling, you should use a platform that allows you to build captivating landing pages fast. Something like our Shuttle. Website platform gives you flexibility, control and funnel features. In addition, you can always include captivating images and positive customer reviews to encourage your visitor to click-through.

Header and Footer Call to Actions

The header and footer of your website is a great place to capture your visitor’s attention. It can be used to enhance your subscriptions, enquiries and sales. The first thing every new visitor sees on your site is the header. Using, a ‘subscribe now’ button or ‘Get Started’ button on the header is definitely a strategic move. Coupled with the same CTA option in the footer, you can help increase conversions significantly.

Utilise the Homepage

For almost all websites, your homepage is the most visited page. This page is an important element in boosting your conversions and needs the attention of a marketing and web expert. Every time someone enters your site, you can greet them with a soft message through a home gate. In this message, you can add an offer to convince these visitors to act. With the help of an engaging home gate, you can boost your rate of subscription.

CTA at the End of Your Content

This technique has become a standard trend on many high traffic sites. By having a CTA at the end of your content, the chances of a reader pressing completing an action are relatively higher. Wondering why? Well, if you publish informative and high-quality content, it can become a convincing factor that can encourage your readers to contact you, sign up or subscribe.

Pop up When User Signals Exit Intent

Introducing a pop up whenever a user signals exit intent is a great way last-minute attempt to capture a lead. Have you ever noticed that after reading an article, as soon as you move your mouse pointer towards another tab, a pop up shows up? Well, you can also integrate this feature on your site. Whenever your reader is about to close the tab or browser your pop up will appear, and there are strong chances that they’ll go through it before actually leaving. If you can create an attractive pop up with an engaging CTA, this trick will put you in a win-win position. However, too many popups can also irritate your readers. Make sure that the content on your pop-ups are high-quality, visually appealing, and used intentionally.

Emails are a great marketing channel

Email marketing is still a performing marketing strategy and case studies have even shown that this channel can have an ROI of up to 3800%. You can expect this number to increase as many top B2C and B2B companies have started adding email marketing in their promotional plans. However, in order to initiate a successful campaign, you have to implement an effective strategy that is aligned with current market trends and your goals. Remember, sending the right email, at the perfect time to an ideal target audience should be your ultimate goal.


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