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Fine-tune your pay-per-click advertising campaigns for higher return and revenue. Great PPC results don’t come from a boilerplate approach. Let our team craft the custom, profitable, no-shortcuts campaign you deserve. To learn how we work, keep reading.

We work with great companies of all sizes

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Ready to start driving more intent-driven traffic and turn your site into a lead generating machine? Are you looking for PPC experts? Let us help you with your PPC campaigns. We can help you make sure your customers see your ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram and more. PPC advertising is the quickest way to reach your market and can deliver you new customers fast.
Our team of certified PPC professionals will make sure you spend your money efficiently and get more conversions & sales.

We do the work; writing ad copy, setting up the account and more.


Leave it to us. Shuttle can manage your entire pay-per-click landscape.

PPC Account Audit

We’ll review your campaigns and provide specific guidance to improve performance.


Meet with our team on an ongoing basis to review your most important metrics.

We work with great companies of all sizes


Why Pay Per Click (PPC)

Achieving first-page organic rankings in short period isn’t easy. That’s why some marketing strategies require Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns to help display your brand for the highly competitive keywords.  It also allows you to reach targeted audience fast by specifying who will see your ads (either by entering specific keywords or demographic characteristics) and you only pay when someone performs an action on your ad.

Launch in Minutes

You get fast, measurable results.

Easier to Manage

Control the budget and schedule.

Control your reach

Traffic is targeted based on your needs.

So, what is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay Per Click (PPC) or otherwise known as Paid Search Advertising (PSA) is part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Together with SEO, PPC is the main way to target people using search engines (mainly Google and Bing), Social Media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram) to find answers to their questions, general information or products to buy.

PPC Management - Shuttle Agency

We focus on the metrics that matter most. The metrics we prioritize:

Leads generated monthly (by channel, campaign, and persona)

Qualified leads generated monthly

Conversion rate for qualified leads per channel and campaign

The value of leads over time


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