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When it comes to this popular video platform, where phrases and songs such as “how will they know”, “time to check my social media”, “oh no”, and more, instantly create familiarity, TikTok is truly ruling the social media networks at the moment.

In fact, a study by eMarketer has shown that TikTok users in Australia spend an average of 52 minutes a day on the app – which is a big investment for sure!

With an estimated 1 billion monthly users worldwide, this android and iOS app connects with users through fun content where every user can instantly become a content creator thanks to TikTok’s easy functionality. Celebrities and influencers also have a fantastic platform to connect with fans or followers, with some of the most popular trending names of the moment including Addison Rae, The Rock and Jason Derulo, to name but a few.

That being said, brands are also making the most of TikTok by tapping into the fun, bite-size content pieces that make every post so digestible and easy to follow.

We have handpicked 5 of the best brands on TikTok at the moment – see below how they are making the most of this platform!

1. Netflix (@netflix)

Woman using remote control to switch streaming service on television

This popular streaming platform has about 22.5 million followers and video views to match their number. What this popular brand has been doing right, is that it not only promotes its shows and movies, but also provides extra content such as behind-the-scenes and interviews. This definitely adds value to their channel, as it is not just a vehicle to simply extend their marketing efforts.

2. Duolingo (@duolingo)

Foreign languages translation or learning languages online. Mobile phone or smartphone

This language learning app boasts about 4.2 million followers and is known for its quirky persona and green mascot. With creative videos and ideas, this brand is definitely engaging with its audience and creating interest. However, it is not just the quirky appeal that has made followers sit up and take notice. Duolingo’s team has embraced another important social media aspect: that of commenting on other brands and creators’ posts. This is a clever tactic that can draw attention to their own brand, while also enhancing reach.

3. Fenty Beauty (@fentybeauty)

Female Vlogger Recording Beauty And Make Up Video At Home With Camera

With its connection to music sensation Rihanna, it is no secret that Fenty Beauty is a brand that needs no introduction. What makes its TikTok strategy such a winning formula is that it taps into that how-to/tutorial trend that TikTok users love. The brand also uses the platform to promote launches, but what it does right is going a step further by showing followers how they can use products in real-life. This makes the brand more relatable and easy to identify with.

4. Goldelucks (@goldelucks)

Collection of donuts

If you have a sweet tooth, chances are Goldelucks might be at the top of your list for delicious treats! This Melbourne suburbs-based brand with its almost 800 000 followers on TikTok has a delightfully quirky personality that shines through on social media. Whether it is showing how they are doing taste tests or creating their delicious wares, their TikTok is definitely so much fun to visit thanks to their behind the scenes content.

5. Miss Customs (@misscustoms)

White sneakers on hand

Quirky, bright and bold colours and lots of eye candy for sneakerheads: Miss Customs definitely provides footwear envy with every video! This Australian artist is known for posting videos of incredible shoe transformations, and with millions of video views, it is clear that the content on this channel hits the spot! What makes this profile so much fun to follow is that it also provides behind the scenes footage of how amazing designs take shape – the results are just incredible!


These 5 top brands provide valuable insight into how other companies – no matter their size – can tap into well-received strategies for TikTok to create incredible brand awareness.

So, always remember:

  • Do not just market your brand – provide additional bonus content that will generate interest.
  • Be quirky, and have fun!
  • Comment and engage with other accounts, and see where there are opportunities to collaborate.
  • Tap into trending content that people are looking for and engaging with on TikTok.
  • Don’t have a copy-and-paste strategy – create unique content that will give your TikTok its own personality.

Want to find out more about how TikTok can work in your brand’s favour? Get in touch with us today!


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