LinkedIn Native Video Meeting


LinkedIn Has Started Rolling Out Its Native Video Meetings

LinkedIn is leveraging Azure, a cloud computing service by Microsoft, to launch its very own native video meeting solution.

Since last year, LinkedIn has allowed users to initiate video meetings with each other. However, as LinkedIn didn’t have the technology for facilitating video calls, users would have to have the meeting using a third-party app like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

This new meeting feature by LinkedIn is actually integrated into its platform’s chat, giving users the ability have one to one calls directly within the LinkedIn app. When a member initiates a video meeting LinkedIn generates a user token and call token via Azure. As the members join, Azure handles all communication for the video call using its own network and protocols.

Can’t meet straight away? Not a problem. Members can also schedule their free video meetings with their network. There is no need to download anything. Also, they don’t need to sign up for any service. The native video call will also include LinkedIn-specific profile information. It will provide members with the necessary context about the person they are meeting with.

How to Start a Video Meeting on LinkedIn

First, make sure you have updated the LinkedIn app.

You can now access the new video meeting feature from any chat window by tapping the video meeting button.

Now, select LinkedIn.

Select send instant meeting link

This will prompt the recipient to join the video meeting

Simply click the link to start the meeting

There is More to Come

This is the first phase of LinkedIn investments in video conferencing features. Currently in the pipeline for development is a calendar integration so that a scheduled meeting sends an email to both parties, messaging while in a video conversation, screen sharing, and yes… even virtual backgrounds.



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