Digital marketing has developed techniques, tools, and services that can get a brand noticed. Video marketing still stands as one of the most effective in the field. With more and more brands shifting towards videos, investing in them makes sense now more than ever. Here are a few expert tips that every business needs to know about launching a video campaign.

3 Video Marketing Tips to Jump Start a Campaign

1. Make the First Five Seconds Count

If you are making a video specifically for online advertising, you must make sure that you have a great hook. Most people know that platforms often give advertisements a five-second time limit before they skip. These five seconds need to be where your hook should start.

You can invest in non-skippable ad placements, but this can do more harm than good. For one, they aren’t exactly affordable. And another logical reason is that most people loathe non-skippable ads. They may get annoyed at being required to see your ad rather than be interested.

2. Personalise the Video to Fit the Target Audience

Videos need to appeal to the right audience to be successful. Some brands like to appeal to a broader audience, which means your video has to be structured for the general public. However, if you’re selling something to a specific target audience, you need to find angles that appeal to their interests.

For example, feminine hygiene products benefit women from the age of 16 and up. If you sell a premium hygiene product, you may want to hit the working class age and create a video highlighting their effectiveness. If your product is more for practical use for women in their teenage years to their early thirties, you can use tropes like living busy lives and managing things perfectly thanks to your product.

3. Present a Call to Action

No good video campaign is complete without an excellent call to action. The CTA can be the difference between success and failure. The CTA directs people to where they need to go once they take an interest in your video. You can tell them to “buy now” on your website, online, or visit the store. People may not know what to do if you don’t give them direction.


Video marketing has shown to be one of the most effective ways to sell products and promote businesses. There are tons of videos out there for your market to indulge in. Your mission is to make one that appeals to them and catch their attention. You don’t need famous movie

directors or a fancy studio to make a video that converts. All you need is a team of creatives with expert insights on creating a simple yet effective video.

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