Digital Marketing Uncovered – Why You Need It for Your Business

Modern problems require modern solutions. Many decades ago, firms and businesses would rely on traditional ways of marketing their products and services. The usual tools for spreading brand message would usually be through newspapers, billboards, radio commercials, and TV commercials. Nowadays, ventures would immediately approach agencies who are experts in digital marketing!

Brought about by the change in communication channels and a faster pace in disseminating messages (in general), modern businesses understood the need to ‘level up.’ They knew that if they’re not going to adjust, they might as well expect to suffer losses in their venture due to their branding being at the back of the line!

Indeed, digital marketing has dominated the world of advertising and promotion—and all for a very good reason.

“What is digital marketing? Why is it preferred by many over traditional marketing?”

Digital marketing is a component of marketing, with the main difference that it utilises modern tools and techniques in order to spread a brand’s message, with the main goal of achieving brand recognition through digital media. It is preferred by many businesses nowadays as people are often on their phones and computers. Digital marketing would enable businesses to connect with their intended target in a flash with these modern tools!

“What are the main advantages of digital marketing?”

Throughout the years, businesses have become familiar with the ins and outs of digital marketing, and somehow, these ventures have an idea of how they want their brand to be treated and introduced to the target audience. Their familiarisation with the process is what motivates them to lean more towards this method, knowing that they have the following advantages:

1. It is more affordable to invest in it than traditional methods

The pricing for the execution of traditional marketing may have changed over the years, but one thing’s for sure, they are more expensive than digital marketing.

A thirty-second radio ad, for example, would cost around a thousand dollars to seven thousand dollars, while a whole page print ad would cost almost three thousand dollars. The difference in the pricing of digital marketing is way better, to say the least. A campaign would cost you around ninety to two hundred and fifty dollars on an hourly basis. Just imagine that! Think of all the amounts you’d be able to save in the long run by switching over.

2. It provides a better opportunity to interact with a target audience

Social listening tools have been the major weapon of digital marketing agencies throughout the years. Knowing what people are talking about through frequent SEO analysis and data gathering has always been its main function.

Businesses often lean towards digital marketing since they know what the target audience is all about, their preferences, their habits, their needs, or whatnot. Of course, they’d also present solutions towards those needs, offering insight, page content, or campaigns, in order to promote their products and services.

3. It has a wide reach

The amount of people reading newspapers has since decreased, and you can thank the digital age for that. People are often looking at their phone screens, while overlooking newspaper stands on the streets.

This isn’t a new phenomenon; people have been ‘less supportive’ of traditional media over the years. Even television has seen a decrease in its audience, with the rise of streaming services in recent years.


Digital marketing wouldn’t be going away for the foreseeable future. As long as people are relying on the internet for news and entertainment, businesses are going to take this opportunity to connect with their target audience, in order to boost the presence of their brand. With the reach, affordability, and creativity offered by digital marketing, the demand for their services is here to stay. We at Shuttle believe that your brand can still grow—that it can reach a wider demographic, and that it has all the makings of a successful venture! You wouldn’t find any other web design company or agency with the same group of very skilled creatives, designers, developers, and marketers that we have. Contact us now for a complete run-through of all our services!


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