10 Reasons to outsource digital marketing

Digital marketing services are a common strategy for today’s most successful B2B companies, yet a large number of these companies commit half-heartedly to executing on their digital marketing strategy, generating less than stellar results.

Many companies find time to be the most valuable, and the most scarce, commodity, and marketing takes up too much of their time. If you are struggling to find the time necessary to make your digital marketing the engine for lead generation that it should be, consider outsourcing your digital marketing services.

We will explain why outsourcing is often the most cost-effective and efficient choice a business owner can make.

Why is digital marketing necessary?

When you think of digital marketing, you may only consider the Internet. A wider variety of digital channels, however, exists outside of websites, such as mobile apps, digital television, radio, text messaging, podcasts, and even electronic billboards. Since most of your customers begin their buying process online and continue it across these digital channels, you need to identify your audience and meet them where and how they prefer.

What are the goals of digital marketing?

digital marketing agency focuses their marketing efforts on three main goals:

  1. Engage with customers to create dynamic interactions and awesome customer experiences across all digital channels.
  2. Manage intricate customer relationships across the various channels and through traditional marketing sources.
  3. Locate the most valuable information within big data to make the best business decisions possible—and make them faster.

Why is hiring a digital marketing agency cost-effective and often leads to greater sales success?

#1 Staff availability

When you try to handle digital marketing services in-house, sometimes in house marketers are pulled in too many directions for success. Capacity and availability can hamper your efforts. Consider how a mission-critical event can take hands away from their routine tasks to help your company manage during crises. In this case, marketing is often the first area to suffer. When you stop creating relevant and valuable content for weeks at a time, Google and social media outlets will notice, and you might hurt your rankings.

#2 Team of experts

When you hire a digital marketing agency, you get a team of digital experts, with different specialisations, who are results-driven. Consider the cost of hiring, training, and maintaining a team of digital experts. Instead of incurring extensive payroll costs, you are paying for results, which is often more affordable than paying for additional personnel.

#3 Outside perspective

You understand your customers well, but do you know the best way to reach them through digital channels? An outside perspective can help you see how marketing can be used to better reach your prospects and customers. An outside perspective gives you valuable insight into what brings visitors to your website and how to optimise your marketing efforts for growth. Outsourcing to a digital marketing agency offers a new and unique approach to your marketing efforts.

#4 Return on investment

The best digital marketing agencies are results-driven. You should expect a solid return on investment. Since their business is generating quality leads, digital marketing experts focus on making sure you get the results for which you pay. It is a relationship that saves you time and energy, better spent on running your business.

#5 Current trends and strategies

Most in house marketers do not have time to keep up-to-date on the changes to Google’s algorithms or the latest trends in digital and mobile marketing. Digital marketing experts stay abreast of current industry trends and strategies. A great digital marketing agency makes it their business to always be on top of the ever-evolving trends and strategies in the industry. When you partner with a strong digital marketing agency, you always have access to new strategies. Plus, you get immediate help when big changes are about to take place.

#6 Your core competency

When you outsource your digital marketing services, it leaves you free to focus on your core competency. When you do not have to focus on how to market new ideas and products, you can generate innovative ways to grow your business. Leave the marketing strategies to the experts while you focus on your strategic goals and growth strategies.

#7 Continual improvement

An outsourced digital marketing agency must improve on its ROI, or you could cancel your contract. An agency is interested in and committed to optimising its digital marketing strategies and services to yield the best results. When you outsource your marketing, you have less risk of your strategies stagnating or crumbling.

#8 Less staff

To launch a successful digital marketing effort, you need to hire a digital marketing expert, graphic designer, copywriter, PPC campaign expert, social media expert, plus more staff. Outsourcing your digital marketing needs gives you a team of experts who can create and execute strategies for one retainer fee instead of the entire overhead required to meet payroll needs.

#9 Industry expertise

Most digital marketing agencies specialise in certain industries and are experts in their fields. You get deep industry experience from specialised experts who have done and seen it all. Outsourcing means you work with a team who already knows the best way to achieve the results you want and need.

#10 Marketing technology

Can you afford to buy the latest, greatest marketing technology? You do not need to when you outsource your digital marketing to an agency. A digital marketing agency will have the latest update of marketing technology to run your campaigns. And if you need to buy marketing technology, your outsourced agency can guide you and even implement and support your software needs.


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