3 Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms During and Post COVID-19

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many establishments have been forced to close down—some temporarily and others permanently—to comply with government protocols regarding social distancing and community quarantine. While some have managed to shift their work to remote setups, many companies can’t do the same as their business isn’t fit for such an environment, leaving them with no choice but to stop operations temporarily.

Law firms are among the most affected, as this type of business ideally needs face-to-face interactions when discussing urgent cases. Typically, law firms depend highly on the traditional approach when marketing their services. However, the current situation may be the right time for them to transition to online methods instead.

With that said, here are three law firm marketing tips to help businesses establish and grow their online visibility:

Tip #1: Explore different online marketing strategies

Since people are mostly stuck in their homes, many spend a great deal of their time online. Take this opportunity to gain their trust and market your services to them. The results may not be visible immediately, but you can surely reap it sooner or later. Treat it as an investment and allow it to grow gradually.

Here are the four most effective online marketing that you can perform to significantly improve your online visibility:

  1. Content Marketing – Take this time to communicate with your potential customers by educating them on matters that may concern them. If possible, publish content that is relevant in today’s situation.
  2. Social Media Marketing – Plenty of online users spend their time on various social media sites, making these platforms an ideal place for high-potential initiatives. Improve your social media management skills and performance by posting updates about your firm or other related content that will offer some sense of relief to your clients.
  3. Email Marketing – Some people think that this strategy is outdated, but email marketing helps establish and strengthen connections with your current and potential clients. In fact, it’s very much effective these days since it targets people who are already invested in what you have to offer
  4. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing – Most people also spend most of their time on search engines. With that said, you should make yourself visible on top of the results pages by implementing PPC Ad Campaigns.

Tip #2: Rank your website on SERPs

Given that many businesses have cut their online marketing, now isn’t the time for you to do the same. More than ever, you should invest in search engine optimization (SEO), as this will significantly help you get on top of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

To help you out, here are some content ideas that you should create:

  • Tips for work-at-home employees
  • Guidelines on sick pay
  • Employment law crash courses
  • Tenancy rights updates or changes

Take this time to answer the common inquiries of your current and potential clients. By doing so, you help your content rank on SERPs and establish brand authority.

Tip #3: Do not take advantage of the crisis

Although you should take this opportunity to market your law firm services, you should not exploit the current situation for selfish gains by:

  • Publishing panic-inducing content just to rank on SERPs
  • Increasing your service fees to cope up with low revenue
  • Creating “new” services that exploit the vulnerability of the people.

Remember that your goal is to position your company as a brand that people can trust and rely on, especially in their times of need.

Marketing your Law Firm

Law firms shouldn’t cut down their marketing budget, especially today. More than ever, they should improve their online marketing strategies because most of the market is currently present online. Doing so will help establish brand awareness and brand authority, which are two vital components of any law firm’s success.

If you are looking for a trusted and reputable digital marketing agency in Gold Coast, get in touch with our team today. We help service-based businesses establish their online presence by executing and managing various online marketing strategies!


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