How to Use Mobile Deep Links to Your Brand’s Advantage

Millions of Aussies spend hours on their smartphones now more than ever. This is why it’s not surprising that most businesses do what they can to optimise their mobile apps to ensure that their users stay longer on the app and talk about it with their friends and family.

If your business has a mobile app, you probably know the importance of getting top-notch design services. You have probably decided on your app’s layout, the fonts you’re going to use, the colour palette, and other elements. But have you thought about mobile deep linking?

If this is something new to your ear, then you are in the right place. In this article, the experts at Shuttle will explain what mobile deep linking is and how you can use it to enhance the way users interact with your app.

What Is Mobile Deep Linking?

In a nutshell, mobile deep linking is the practice of getting users to be more engaged with your app by using a URI or uniform resource identifier. With this, mobile app developers can push users to a specific page within the app that could ease up the customer’s journey on your app.

Imagine that you are on a social media app, and you saw a post about a gorgeous dress. With mobile deep linking, a click on that photo could get you directly to the page on the e-commerce app that shows the dress and allows you to purchase in seconds. This is much faster and more streamlined than clicking on the photo and getting redirected to the browser version on the homepage, where you still need to search for the dress manually.

How Can You Use Mobile Deep Linking to Your Advantage?

With mobile deep linking, you can get users to your app from various sources, such as:

● A different app

● A website

● An SMS

● A QR Code

● A social media account

● An Ad or search result

Now, you are probably wondering about the benefits of mobile deep linking and how it can help your business. Here are some of the ways to consider:

1. It Can Improve User Experience

When you reduce navigation and allow users to get to where they want to land on your app, you are significantly improving their experience with it. Your audience can access the content they are looking for with the least amount of effort and time.

2. It Enhances User Onboarding Experience

You can use deep linking to make the onboarding experience more personal. For example, you can use it to offer an exclusive app invite or to give incentives to the user upon onboarding.

3. It Can Reignite the Interest of Users

With the abundance of apps on one’s mobile device, some of them have probably been inactive for some time. If your app is one of those apps, you can use deep linking to encourage users to get to your app again. For instance, you can send a notification for a limited-time offer or a new exclusive feature that would entice the user to check out your app again.

4. It Makes the Check-Out Process Easier

Deep linking also helps to increase your business’s revenues. As mentioned above, the practice in question can eliminate certain steps in finding products in an e-commerce app. Those steps may be too complicated for some users, and because you removed them, it’s easier for people to make purchases.

5. It Can Help Increase App Installs

Mobile deep links can also prompt users to download your app, especially if they’re getting an incentive if they do. That means more people will discover your app, and you’ll get more installs, meaning a higher potential of making sales!


Deep linking takes the user through a faster and more direct path to their preferred destination on your app. It can result in a seamless experience that could be very beneficial to your brand. It’s not surprising that mobile deep linking has become one of the essential elements of good mobile apps.

If you are not in the digital marketing and social media marketing business, all this can be overwhelming. The good news is, you don’t have to do this all alone.

Shuttle is your trusted digital marketing and web design company in Australia that can help you understand mobile deep linking. More importantly, we can help you integrate this with your app so that you can enjoy its immense benefits. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!


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