5 Questions You Should Ask During a Digital Marketing Audit

Sustaining an audience’s attention online means being more mindful of the long-term performance of your business’ digital marketing collateral. To do this, you need to conduct regular audits.

A digital marketing audit consists of inspections of the strategies, practices, and outcomes that establishes a business’ online presence. Without an audit, you cannot get clear on where you should allocate your resources. Consider the following in conducting your digital audit.

What are your strengths?

Have realistic expectations about your content and know what you want it to achieve for your business. Take stock of your best-performing articles and the ones that do not generate a lot of clicks.

Compare the traffic on your website and your social media accounts; where are the articles more popular? You could build on your findings for your next strategies. Similarly, get rid of low-quality content that does not produce traffic.

How is your social media strategy?

Your social media strategy should have clear goals, and you should know where you want to lead the brand on a monthly or even weekly basis. Keep track of the traffic that arrives on your website through your social media pages, and the trends that it reflects.

Are you getting repeat visitors or new ones? Ideally, you should have both, and they should be staying for several minutes on your website. Monitor as well how much your social media pages generate engagement, and if you have gained leads through your pages.

Are you implementing sound SEO?

Search engine optimisation is a long-term project, and if you have been doing SEO for at least a few months, it should show in the results. Regular audits will help you see the changes in your website’s rankings as well as the best-performing and non-performing keywords. Through SEO, you could also discover new phrases you could incorporate in your copy.

Is your website up-to-date?

If you had not updated your website in a while, you would see how incompatible it is with current web design practices. Technology evolves at an exponential rate, and if you hadn’t checked your website for flaws recently, it could cause your ranking to drop.

Make sure the links, both external and internal, connect to the pages that they should. Also, monitor your metadata, images, and text wrapping—sometimes, unexpected bugs show up in the code.

Aside from the structure, you should also mind the content on your site. Screen your comments sections for spam, make sure your articles have accurate information and double-check for duplicates in your articles.

Where do you plan to take your content?

Finally, all of these things would be isolated data unless you have a big-picture plan for your branding. When you audit the separate parts of your campaign, you should always have in mind the broader goals of your department and the company.


Digital audits can lead to a timely reassessment of your marketing strategy. In some cases, it could even help you implement a significant overhaul. Set aside time every few months to evaluate your marketing strategies, and where you want it to go.

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