5 key components you must include in your Video Content Strategy

Just like any other strategy, Video marketing has its advantages and it has become one of the fastest and easiest ways of catching the attention of online audiences. A visually appealing and very short video can give your customers all information they need, and can be share on your website or social media pages.

Here are some key elements your video marketing must include, if you want to expand your reach;

#1: Make sure you have a publishing schedule

Just as you time your tweets and Facebook posts to run concurrently, you should also publish your video as a part of series. Try to tell stories with your videos and post them in multiple parts over several weeks. Remember, short, and precise videos are preferred by visitors, and such videos can be shared readily.

#2: Short videos are the best

Since social media has revolutionised ways by which we communicate with each other; you should consider making use of micro-video apps that can shorten the length of videos. The best videos that are mostly shared on social media networks are those less than 10 seconds in length; make sure you attach a short and concise message to the video. Apps like TikTok will allow you create a 6-second video and share it instantly.

#3: Customer-targeted content

Putting your customers behind the camera is one of the best ways to connect with them. You need to consider the fact that user-generated content will generate more response than that a content generated by your business or brand. Instead of developing new videos yourself, you can look at inviting your customers to create a video on their experiences with your brand, products or services. One of the best things about customer-generated video marketing is that it allows other people to see the passion your current customers have for your brand. You can leverage on this to generate new clients within a short period of time, and for free.  You can offer prizes to the best video makers that reveal the best passion.

#4: Make it in a form of Tutorial

Your video marketing will work best when it is designed to teach your customer something. It may appear as if you are giving out secrets when posting contents like tutorials, but you will quickly become an expert in some subject matter and your customer will quickly rely on your tips, ideas and abilities to resolve issues. Your video marketing strategy should involve the addition of useful tips that will improve or change the lives of your followers positively.

#5: Call to action

Your video marketing strategy is not complete without the inclusion of a call-to-action at the end. Potential customers will definitely enjoy your short videos but they may have no clue on what to do at the end. If your customers don’t know what to do after watching your video, then all your hardwork may amount to nothing. A good video marketing campaign involves a CTA highlighting your contact info or a specific offer at the end of a video.


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