Why Is December The Best Time To Do A Digital Marketing Audit?

The current global pandemic has caused businesses all over the world to be disrupted and Australia is no exception. Many have been shut down due to lockdown, while others that were previously dominant are losing out fast. If you’re one of these businesses, chances are that a lot of processes have been shifted online, whether it be working from home, or by utilising online services to conduct business.

The new normal of the world may not be something we can control just yet, but as businesses, we have two option – adapt to the situation at hand or throw in the towel.

Perhaps you never really focused on your online presence before because business was going so well. Here at Shuttle, we believe there’s never been a better time than now to start conducting a digital audit for your company in order to stay afloat. Here’s why:

First Off: About Digital Audits

Digital audits can be compared to a medical checkup, except it concerns the health of your online accounts and marketing processes. Having a company like us audit your business will ensure that everything you are running and doing for your business is in good health and is covering all bases.

A digital audit typically covers three things – the website, social media accounts and the way your brand ranks on the search engines through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

These are the topics of focus because of their strong ability to grow a business.

Auditing A Website

A website needs to be well-made for visitors to have the best experience possible. This means that every element has to be functional, with working links and processes within the domain. If your site has not gone through an update, then it may be time to modernise it a little bit with better looks that are paired with functionality and aesthetics.

Auditing Social Media Accounts

Today’s world relies heavily on social media. With billions of people using these platforms, it’s an unmissable opportunity to expand the reach of your business and connect with potential customers. In a digital audit on social media accounts, the strength of your social media’s presence will be checked to determine what needs to be adjusted accordingly for the best results.

Auditing For SEO

SEO is one of the best, albeit slow-paced, tools for the long-term growth of a business. This is because the higher your site ranks on search engines, the higher chances you have to be able to attract leads and convert them into customers. Auditing your SEO strategy will show any flaws you may have so that the experts will be able to fix it.

Why The Urgency?

Put simply, the earlier you fix your digital marketing strategies through a digital marketing agency, the sooner you can get ahead of the surrounding competition! Imagine approaching any of the aforementioned topics later than your direct competitors. The chances are that they have already started to gain traction thanks to great content marketing and management while you are still on the fence.

In 2020, e-commerce is king and everyone is trying to get everything delivered to them from the comforts of their home. With the new normal, we’re unsure when or even if the world will return to its old state. Either way, you will have a strong content marketing presence that will benefit both the new normal state or the return of the previous world.

Not to mention, SEO takes quite a bit of time so it’s best to get a jump start now and start pumping out quality engaging content for the best results. Long-term growth is some of the best kinds of growth as it sustains better than if it were short-term.


While content marketing and online management are daunting tasks if you’re inexperienced, an external company can take the stress out of digitally auditing your company’s procedures. Not only will an organisation like us be able to show you how to grow further, we can also fix things using web design and development and aim for better results using SEO.

Let the experts take care of it while you manage the rest of your business! Shuttle is a digital marketing agency based in Australia who regularly conduct digital audits for businesses. We understand the importance of your company’s online presence, which is why we’re prepared to offer you tailored strategies and fixes to achieve growth. Get in touch with us today to discover what we have to offer you and your business.


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