How to create a Facebook Business page

We have had a lot of people pick our brain about “How to create a Facebook Business page” for their business. They have mixed feelings about this due to personal and business reasons. If you are someone who is still thinking about whether to create a Facebook page for your business or not, read our post on the ‘Pros and cons of starting a Facebook page for your business”.
This post is a step-by-step guide to creating a Facebook Business page via the desktop. Hope this helps!


  • Navigate to
  • Type in your username and password. Remember, if you don’t already have a Facebook account, you’ll have to create one in order to have a Facebook Business page

FB Login

2.    Create a page section

  • On the bottom of the left navigation panel you will see a “Page” small link under the “Create” heading
  • Click this, to begin creating a page. Alternatively, visit once you have logged into to Facebook.

How to create a Facebook Business page | Shuttle Marketing Agency

3.    Select a Classification

This page will showcase six different classifications to choose from:

  • Choose the most appropriate for your business

How to create a Facebook Business page | Shuttle Marketing Agency

  • For this example, we’ll select the first option: Local business or place.
  • You’ll be asked for an official name for our Business Page. It is recommended that you carefully select your name. You are able to change your name and URL (Only once), but it is a difficult and tedious process.
  • Once you click on the correct classification, you will be asked to fill in basic information about your business

How to set up a facebook page for business - FB Basic Info

4.    Your page has been created. Time to complete it.

You will now be directed to the main section for your Business page. Here you will provide all the information to complete your profile as well as Page profile picture and your Page Cover photo.

  • To complete your profile, all you have to do is complete the first four steps under the “Welcome to your new page” section.

How to set up a facebook page for business - FB Page Created

  • Once you do this. Click “See all page tips” highlighted above with the number 2 circle. In this section you will add:
    • A website
    • Set up your page button (Call Now, Message Now etc.)
    • Add members of your team as page managers or admins
    • Operating hours
    • Invite friends to like your page

How to set up a facebook page for business - More

Need help with your Social Media Management?

If you need help setting up social media profiles for your business, let us know! Our team will help you get started and help you with your social media management.


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